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Clojure, Beers and Pizza... and a bit of Elixir

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Here at Plumbee, we’re big believers in actively exposing ourselves to new ideas, and sharing what we’ve learnt. As engineers, we’re a diverse bunch with many interests, including new (and not-so-new) programming languages and paradigms.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll shortly be hosting two guest talks at our offices in Shoreditch, with a bit of pizza, beer and mingling to follow:

Clojure in Production - Jon Pither

Jon is a prominent member of the London Clojure community, a conference speaker and a battle-hardened Clojurist. He is a co-founder of JUXT, an aptly named Clojure consultancy. In this talk, Jon will consider the advantages of using an immutable functional approach for software development drawing upon lessons learnt on three large Clojure projects (an investment bank, an online newspaper, and a property portal). He’ll use live coding to cover some of the principles, demonstrating how a REPL based environment combined with Clojure’s powerful sequence library makes working with data a pleasant experience. He will also discuss in general working with large Clojure production codebases.

Elixir - An Engineer’s Potion - Chris Molozian

Chris is a Platform Engineer at Orchestrate, and an Elixir enthusiast. In this bonus ‘lightning talk’, Chris will give an overview of Elixir, a functional, concurrent language built on the Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM).

Both are ‘taster’ talks and do not require significant previous exposure to either language.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 at 7pm.

We have reserved a small number of places for external visitors. If you’d like to attend, just drop us an email at clojurebeerzandpizza at plumbee dot com, and let us know what led you to Plumbee.