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London Elm Meetup @ Plumbee Games

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At Plumbee, we are proud of our strong engineering culture. Although we mostly work with a Java/Actionscript tech stack, we often play with other technologies. It is always interesting to see how problems are solved in different languages, libraries, frameworks and tools.

I recently discovered Elm, the functional programming language created by Evan Czaplicki. It looks like a friendlier version of Haskell and compiles to Javascript. Elm is a language with Functional Reactive Programming baked in. It comes with an architecture to build applications too. Building interactive UIs is therefore very different from the common MVC and Events/Callbacks architecture.

Last week, the first official London Elm meetup was organised at the Plumbee office. Elm is a young language, few companies use it in production and the community of Elm developers is still small. However the RSVP page maxed out only a night after registration opened and sadly there were 70 people on the waiting list who were not able to attend.

The plan was to present Elm, Functional Programming and Functional Reactive Programming to beginners. Claudia Doppioslash, from Stritzinger GmbH, kindly agreed to play this role with the first talk: “What is Elm? Why should I be interested?”. Then Noah Hall from NoRedInk showed his latest “Experiments in Elm” which included some very exciting bits about server side Elm, optimizing the retrieval of Elm packages, action logging and mirroring the interactions from one browser to another.

Thanks to Claudia and Noah for spending their valuable time demonstrating the various benefits of using Elm. Thanks to all for coming and sharing your interest. We enjoyed hosting this event and look forward to the next one!

The full session was recorded and is now available: London Elm Meetup @ Plumbee Games